11 Tips For Showing Your Home

When it’s time for me, or another agent, to show your home, all your preparations will be worth it.  But there are a few final tips that can add that little extra magic.


  1. Before prospective buyers walk in the door, give your home the welcoming aroma of fresh-baked bread or cinnamon rolls. (A pot of cinnamon and water on the stove will give the same results.) Do not smoke in the house!

  2. Clear out the kids, their toys, the cat, and the dog.

  3. Turn off the television, stereo, and radio.  Like kids and animals, they too can be distracting.

  4. Turn on all your lights – open all the drapes and blinds – even during daylight.

  5. Put out fresh flowers, your best towels, and a nice tablecloth.

  6. Make yourself scarce.  Many prospects feel like intruders when the owners are present.  They tend to hurry away, or fail to ask the questions they’d like to ask.  Your absence will put buyers at ease, and give them a chance to spend more time looking at your house, absorbing its advantages and visualizing themselves living there.

  7. Be polite, but avoid conversations with prospects.  Their agent needs their complete attention to increase their interest in your home.

  8. Don’t apologize for the appearance or condition of your home.  You’ll only call attention to things the buyers might have overlooked.

  9. Don’t try to complicate the sale of the home by discussing drapes, furniture, appliances, etc.  If the buyer wants any of these items, the agent can ask about them later.

  10. Keep your home on the market.  Let your home be shown even when you’re not there.  If you don’t, you’re limiting the showings – and actually keeping your house off the market many hours a day.

  11. Always keep your home ready to be shown.  You should get as much advance warning as possible, but be prepared.

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