16 Tips For Preparing The Outside

Good “curb appeal” is imperative.  If people don’t like your house from the outside, they won’t want to come inside.


  1. Make sure your front lawn looks neat and tidy to make the first impression favorable.  Cut the grass and trim the hedges and shrubs.

  2. Plant some extra flowers for color – or just put some pots beside the front door.

  3. Spruce up your landscaping with some fresh plantings.  Even a few items can improve the look of things.

  4. Remove all dead limbs and debris.  Give the lawn a fresh raking and the sidewalk and driveway a good sweeping.  Patch any holes.

  5. Walk your fence line.  Repair broken areas and paint or stain spots in poor condition.

  6. Put away lawn equipment.  Arrange outdoor items, such as firewood or outdoor furniture, neatly.

  7. Take a close look at your front door.  It’s a focal point and one of the first things your prospects will examine.  If it’s faded or shows signs of needing repair, clean it, stain it, or paint it.  While you’re at it, do the same with the back door and garage door.

  8. Repainting the entire exterior of your home is a fairly expensive venture, and really unnecessary unless the walls have bad blistering or peeling.  But you can do wonders by simply painting window sashes, trim, and shutters.

  9. Replace faded house numbers with shiny new brass ones.

  10. If needed, repaint or replace the mailbox.

  11. Clean out debris in your rain gutters.  Touch up with paint if necessary, and realign if crooked.

  12. Check the roof for shingles or flashing that needs replacing.

  13. Fix any broken windows or screens, and wash them for a bright, sparkling appearance.

  14. Test the entry light and the doorbell.  It’s the little things that matter.

  15. Haul out any “junk” in your side or backyard.

  16. Clean out the garage.  The perfect garage contains only cars – do your best.

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