Three words to never say to a buyer but your previous agent may already have!

This one tip really boggles the mind because although I’ve never used these three words and I wouldn’t ever let my clients say them to a potential buyer, you’d be surprised at how often they’re said.  The worst part?  I’ve heard listing agents say these exact words in an effort to get the buyer to make an offer.  Regardless of whether they are true or not they should never be spoken and if your listing agent has said them… they are not representing your best interests and are looking for their easy payday.


What are the three words?  “We’ll Take Less”.


An honest agent who represents your best interest should never mention these words even if they are true.  Too many factors go in to the negotiating process that even if you were willing to accept less, you’d have to know what that “less” is based on.


Simply stated… never ever say these words to a potential buyer or their agent let alone allow your representing real estate agent make this statement.

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