Uncommon advertising techniques that generate responses!

The truth is that most advertising doesn’t motivate the public to take action.  This is true because most advertising is “image” advertising. This is advertising that simply shows fancy pictures and an agent’s photo and slogan telling everybody why they are the best!


These types of ads offer no benefit to a prospective homeowner and no real reason for them to take action and even consider looking at your home.


When marketing your home, it’s important to show how a potential homeowner will benefit from looking at and ultimately buying your home. How will their life be better? How can they save money, have more status, be safer, feel better, etc.?  This is what is referred to as “direct response marketing”.


To be effective, the marketing of your home must hit at people’s emotions and curiosity and must give them a reason to respond by taking some type of action.  This action can be to make a phone call, send a text, or even fill out a form for more information; the ultimate goal is to have the buyer respond to the ad taking some kind of action


After all, the purchase of a home as you know is the biggest financial investment anyone will make!  You also understand that a home is where the family gathers for holidays and barbecues… it’s the place where you eat, sleep and share the most intimate of times and it’s where the kids will grow up; it’s where memories are made and the marketing should show how a potential buyer can have those same experiences.


I know that selling your home can be a stressful and emotional time and as much as we want to get those positive emotions going for the buyer, you as the seller must view this transaction from a business point of view. Selling your home is a dollars and cents business transaction, and you need to put the emotional attachments to your home aside but at the same time touch on the emotions of a potential buyer to get them thinking about and ultimately buying your home for some of the same reasons you originally bought it!

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