The one thing that will kill a home sale before it gets started

There is nothing worse than going into a home that’s in a great neighborhood, has the curb appeal down 100% and the online pictures are AWESOME… but… and yes there is a but… it smacks you in the face the minute you walk through the front door. 


This one thing that will stop a buyer in their tracks and turn them off from putting in an offer is... an OFFENSIVE ODOR!  Pet smells, smoking, strong lingering and stale food smells, musty basements and funky smelling bathrooms are some that come to mind; and no amount of burning candles, incense or glade plugins will mask the smell.


This may not be what’s going on in your home but remember that we’ve lived in our homes for a long time and maybe we’ve just gotten used to what our house smells like.  You may want to ask friends and family for an honest opinion.

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