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Open Living Space VS Closed Living Space Concept

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

When considering your first or second home purchase I like to remind clients to consider their lifestyles. In this South Jersey Hometowns Blog, I want to talk about the “open living space” and “closed living space” concepts.

Floor plans will have an impact with how you live in your home and its overall functionality so important to weigh the pros and cons to determine what design might be best for you and your family.

Closed floor plans are what’s traditionally found in older homes and new construction as well as newly renovated homes will more than likely feature the “open living space” design. You’ve seen these designs featured on reality shows like “Fixer Upper”, “Love It Or List It” and “Property Brothers to name a few. I do have to say that there are some good and not so good things about both but as I already said, it mostly deals with how you’re going to live in the home.

This is a great example of a grand open living space. It includes the kitchen, living room and dining room and is well furnished!
Open Floor Plan

Open Floor Plan

Features a combined living space that includes the living room, dining room and kitchen all in one glorious open space!

With this design you can:

· Have room for more furnishings

· Host large family and friends’ gatherings

· Allow for more natural light within the open space

· Be with the family as everyone is doing their own thing within the space

· Because it’s sought after, it may increase the resale value of your home

On the downside you will:

· Have potentially higher utility costs for heating and cooling

· A not so quiet area and if your cooking cabbage for dinner forget it!

· Forego the cozy and private space you might sometimes like and need like

Closed Floor Plan

Traditional older homes were designed in this style and it’s often how many of us born before the 90’s grew up. The space is divided into functional separate rooms so you would never see your family or guests while preparing dinner and likewise you would be able to see the game from the dining room.

With this design you can:

· Have some privacy when you need it because you can close the door

· Rooms can be utilized and designed / decorated for specific needs and desires

· Hide the clutter and the kids… lol

· Have less noise while using the space

· Manage heating and cooling with zoned rooms

On the downside you won’t:

· Have room for hosting large gatherings

· Necessarily be able to hang out with the family while everyone doing their own thing

· Be able to be a part of the fun during family and guest visits if you’re in the kitchen


If you’re considering a renovation to open your current home space, realize that it may be costly and whether your new appraised price will be enough to add enough equity to cover the investment should you choose to sell; chances are, it won’t. In contrast, if you’re looking to close off the space consider how it will affect the overall style, aesthetics and functionality of the home as it may not flow well if the initial design of the home was for an open floor concept.

Before purchasing a home and or remodeling, remember to consider your lifestyle and how you envision you and your family living in the home.

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